More Strats too risky for the GTA V Speedrun

Published on Oct 7, 2019
More Strats too risky for the GTA V Speedrun

My recent strat-update video only covered whats actually being used of the recent discoveries for the GTAV Speedrun - some of them are too dangerous to use in the run. A "strat" is shorthand for strategy, like a specific route or action we take within the speedrun.

Some of these strats are new, and some have been known for a long time, like the Shootout with Franklin in Paleto Score, but we haven't needed to push hard to try them yet. Now that the speedrun is getting more optimized (meaning that the times are getting closer and closer together as people max out the game), all the little strats really add up. 2 seconds here 3 seconds there seems small for a 6 hour run, but this video alone has almost a minute and a half of strats - it adds up.

The first Risky strat video was really fun, and I see no exception with this one. Cool finds, some of which require some heads-up gameplay. I go into the "decision making" topic a bit during the Pulling Favours strat. I hope to find both more "lucky strats" to cover, as well as possibly some videos covering the idea of "decisions you need to make during speedruns"... hmm...

Brakeboosting/Curbboosting info:
Previous Risky Video:
You can see a higher edited speedrun highlights video here:

Huge thanks to Dark and Masaboy for all their silly ideas.
Their collab channel, EvolveStunting:

Checkout Serenniel if you want some GTA Racing Videos:

Strat/Video Credits:

- Reloe - Earlier Truck Activation
Friend Request
- Dark - Crazier Jump to Live-Invader -
Carbine Rifles
- Burhac - Aggresive Shootout -
- Dew - Aggresive Shootout - +
Mr Phillips
- Dew - Hairpin Skip -
- Heroriks (Posted on Discord by Sunny) - Hairpin Skip (In Online Heists) -
- Dew - Quicker Sub Drop -
I Fought The Law
- Serenniel - Median Brakeboosts -
Mr Richards
- Dew - Finding Quickpunch in Complications
- Piska69 - Making me re-consider Quickpunching Rocco -
Paleto Score Setup
- Masaboy -
- Dark - -
- EvolveStunting -
The Wrap Up
- Dark - Bike Climbing/Gliding - +
Lamar Down
- Masaboy - Mega Jump at the start -
- Dew - Jumping straight to Lamar -
- FriendlyBaron - Arriving to the back of the house
- Dark - Mega Jump -
Pulling Favours
- Reloe - Free Towtruck -


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