MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS... | A Fortnite Movie

Published on Mar 31, 2019
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MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS... | A Fortnite Movie

Laguna and Peely's friendship is put to the test when they meet Hybrid, who falls in love with Laguna at first sight. As they spend more time with Hybrid, hatred starts to build within Peely as his once best friend begins spending less time with him. Peely finds Laguna and Hybrid spray painting a wall which triggers a tender memory. Peely having had enough, snaps at Laguna and Hybrid before taking off. Laguna realizes her fault of abandoning her best friend Peely, and leaves Hybrid to patch things up with her best pal. A day goes by, and Hybrid comes knocking at the door. Hybrid introduces a new friend to Peely, who soon becomes infatuated with this new friend...

MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS... | A Fortnite Movie

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