My Horrible Island Adventure

Published on Apr 16, 2019
TJ Toons
My Horrible Island Adventure

We were having a blast in this island adventure... Until me and my friends decided to do something stupidly dangerous.

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Okay, so I'm assuming you guys watch the video first, THEN read the description right? Also, I know a lot of you don't really read the description haha but I just feel like writing stuff on it. I treat it like a journal or diary. If you're actually reading this kudos to you cause, here, I'll be sharing bonus stories or just anything that comes in my mind :3

Soooo, the island camping trip was supposed to be only 4 days, and I mentioned in the video about a typhoon, right? Well that typhoon decided to hit us at the last day, so what happened was, we got stuck in the island for two more days. We were fortunate in the sense that the typhoon didn't hit us while we were swimming back to shore on the second day, when we swam to the rocky barnacle lookin island. If it did, I think we would have actually drowned or be stranded on the barnacle island and maybe froze to death. This kind of experiences are honestly not worth the time and energy or you'd be better off without experiencing it, however, I still got some content out of it, (plus I survived), so I ain't gonna complain haha Hopefully I learned my lesson and never think about swimming to a random lookin island for fun... hopefully lol


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