~my Teddy bear~ GLM

Published on Oct 7, 2019
Silver Moon221
~my Teddy bear~ GLM

This is trash I’m just gonna say it. My plan was to make an hour but I used all of my ideas and it ended up to around half an hour. Me being a dummy I’m like “I can do this! An hour is easy to do!” But then again I used all of my ideas so I just added random trash and weird scenes that didn’t make any sense what so ever. But I did it anyway 😂😅😅

and I’m so so so sorry for typing owes instead of always! I have trouble with my grammar and spelling so I’m sorry for

CREATE TO VELVET PAWS: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dtOI8eF...
(I took a clip for the movie Scene)

(I took 2000 and something screen shots)

The shirt that Bella was wearing in the thumbnail is not mine. I tried to find who made it but I got left at a dead end. And the outfit that Andrew was wearing in part 36:30 was also not mine and dose not belong to me. I got his outfit from Instagram but I couldn’t find the creator. And credit to the person who made Bella’s dress for modeling.

All audio doesn’t belong to me

These are some of the songs I used:

Lakey inspired-me 2
Lakey inspired-blossom
Lakey inspired-distant
Lakey inspired-good morning
Lakey inspired-warm nights
Lakey inspired-chill day
Lakey inspired-days like these
Lakey inspired-the process
Chillhop-hello friend
Lakey inspired-midnight bounce
Lakey inspired-watching the clouds
Lakey inspired-5min call
Joekim karud-classic
Joekim karud-dreams
Lakey inspired-blue boi

(Some of the music that I put down mite not be in the video)

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