Only Love- A Bittersweet Indie/ Folk/ Other/ Playlist

Published on Nov 4, 2017
Mr. Foxx Frequency

Only Love- A Bittersweet Indie/ Folk/ Other/ Playlist

I DO NOT own rights to any of these songs, or the images used.

**All song titles, times, and artist names listed in the description below***

- I hope you enjoy this little playlist, a mix of love songs ranging from heartwarming and uplifting tracks to melancholy tunes of longing and loss. Please check out the description below to find out about this playlists specially featured recording artists. A very big shoutout and thank you to all the artists on this list, and to all those listening. Have a wonderful day!- Mr. FF 🦊

0:00- Deer Tick- "Only Love"
4:21- We The Lion- "Found love"
7:38- ***Ade Mai- "Not The One"***
11:39- Oliver Daldry- "By Your Sweet Mind"
17:29- Tim Halperin- "Forever Starts Today"
20:43- The Watanabes- "Over Romantic"
25:12- Andrew & Veda- "Where Did You Come From" (Acoustic)
28:45- Adam Holmes and the Embers- "People Come people Go"
31:58- Ed Patrick- "So Glad (I got You)"
34:57- Luke Thompson- "The Forever Song"
39:15- Billingham Forehead- "No Good On My Own"
41:21- Tim McNary- "Be With Me"
45:32- Nicholas Roberts- "Still Believe"
48:41- Jolé - "Seldom Seen"
51:42- Loving Caliber- "You Got Me Too"
55:05- ***Josh Michaels"- Like The Rest"***
58:13- ***Run In Red- "We Will Burn Down Love"***
1:02:57- ***Adam Barnes- "Electron"***
1:06:35- Kassins- "Let Me In"
1:09:49- The Last Dinosaur- "I Couldn't Wait"
1:12:36- Peacock Affect- "Aliens"
1:16:38- The Watanabes- "Tonight"
1:21:25-Joe letch- "Find My Feet Again"
1:25:30- Echosmith- "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order cover)
1:28:45- Mykey- "Maybe I Was The One"
1:33:11- The Watanabes- "True Romantics"
1:36:35- India Caitlin-" Beauty"
1:39:32- Cold Weather Company-" Someone Else"
1:44:37- Mayday- "You and I"

-All tracks from unsplash : . Please let me know if you want the links to any of them .

***** Ade Mai  Is an independent Indie folk singer-songwriter and experimental sound engineer from Bournemouth, England . His gorgeous track, “Not The One” , is his first released single of his upcoming streak of songs. You can find the wonderful singer of Facebook, and listen to his amazing song on his Spotify:


****Josh Michaels is an independent singer -songwriter from New York. " You can find his amazing track, "Like The Rest", on his Spotify, and Soundcloud sites, and you can follow him on Facebook:

Soundcloud :

***Run in Red are an independant, 3-piece Transatlantic band based in Dublin, Ireland . Their incredible track, We Will Burn Down Love" ,is from their first EP ,'The Revelled Theory Mind' (released May 9, 2017 ). You can find more music from the band's EP on their YouTube, Spotify and Itunes sites, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter:


***Adam Barnes is an Folk/Alternative singer- songwriter and performer from Oxford. You can find his gorgeous track, "Electron", on his Spotify and Soundcloud sites, and you can follow him on Facebook. Adam's new EP , One Day We'll Be Fine , is now available for purchase on Itunes and for free listening on his YouTube page: