Van Life Weekly Routine + Expenses

Published on May 6, 2018
Off The Grid With A Kid

Van Life Weekly Routine + Expenses

If you have ever wanted to plan an epic van life trip wether it’s a quick getaway or an extended adventure, this video is for you! We are full time travelers working and homeschooling as we roll in our 1989 Ford Econoline Camper Van. It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work. In the video, we’re showing you the mess before the magic. Every week we refresh the van to ensure a smooth week of wandering and working. Doing this makes a big difference for productivity and rest. We are not on vacation..It just looks like it in pictures. 😂

Note: If you are considering this lifestyle, your monthly expenses will overall vary upon the needs if your van/ rv/ how much and how much you move around.

Every traveler has a style and regardless of you’re traveling alone or with loved ones, having a weekly regimen helps you have a piece of mind while you’re traveling. Why is this important? Because your location and access to food and other resources change as you move.

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