Overwatch: New Junkrat is INSANE! - Buffed too MUCH?

Published on Mar 4, 2019
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Overwatch: New Junkrat is INSANE! - Buffed too MUCH?

To kill, destroy and immediately cease the current GOATs-pocolypse in the Overwatch League right now it appears Blizzard are buffing the anti-goats heroes up to 11 to force the pros onto playing dps heroes again. Only problem, seeing as most of us aren't pros with coaching staffs and play the game for fun, this means the most spammy character in the game is packing the biggest wallop. This is more severe than you might first think, 140 damage is only +20 what it was before after all but it's the combination with damage amps that make this new junkrat actually insane. Dealing 182, 210 or 280 with Mercy/Zen , Orisa/Ana and Baptiste damage amplification abilities. The most shocking one is the basic mercy pocket very nearly being able to one shot a 200 health point target outright, not to mention the nades bounce, linger and frankly, fly from across the map outta nowhere to delete a poor unknowing target. Junkrat is one of my top favorite heroes to play so him being a tank deleter would definitely give me easy SR in ranked, but I think a lot of players will find this newfound power from the Spam-rat to be obnoxious and we hope Blizzard moves towards other systems to limit the heroes pros can play, rather than ramping up low tier nightmare picks like Reaper and Junkrat until GOATS is unplayable, because it hurts low ranks far more than it helps the pros. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like!

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