[Rainy day Jazz Radio] - Relax jazz music - jazz cafe Radio #04

Published on Feb 14, 2019
Midorii House

[Rainy day Jazz Radio] - Relax jazz music - jazz cafe Radio #04

Jazz Radio - Rainyday #04 Jazz BGM. Music for Date Theme, Relax
Cozy, Quiet time, Warm
Background Instrumental

This channel consists of songs played and composed by Midorii.

Hope you enjoy our songs with lovely paintings drawn with mspaint :)

Midorii's music is a collection of jazz music expressed in Korean.

Our songs are perfect for creating a calm and nice atmosphere like on a rainy day or in a cafe.

We’d like to help you relax with our beautiful and comfortable music.

Feel free to come and visit.

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00:00:00 Gyuwool
00:03:38 Yeoreum
00:07:02 Baechu meory (배추머리)
00:09:36 Cheong baji (청바지)
00:12:56 Darimi (다리미)
00:15:26 Eong Eong (엉엉)
00:18:30 Haengboke
00:22:03 Hwal Hwal (활활)
00:24:53 Jjageury (짜글이)
00:28:12 Keung Keung (킁킁)
00:30:59 Melonmat (메론맛)
00:33:39 Pae Whan Eul (패완얼)
00:36:31 Si~zak
00:39:43 Ssillook Ssilook (씰룩씰룩)
00:42:53 Sunfish (개복치)
00:45:44 U-mook Gookmool (어묵국물)
00:48:48 Ajussi (아저씨)
00:51:51 Bagaji (바가지)
00:54:19 Cappuccino
00:57:37 Ddaggeun Ddaggeun (따끈따끈)
01:00:26 Dotjari (돗자리)
01:03:20 Dungsil Dungsil (덩실덩실)
01:06:34 Gawhi,bawhi,bo (가위,바위,보)
01:09:20 Gieuk (기억)
01:12:42 Gong-gi bob (공깃밥)
01:15:40 Hot Sauce
01:19:02 Hyangdan (향단)
01:21:21 Jjook Jjook (쭉쭉)
01:24:25 Sageori
01:27:23 Singguwoon (싱거운)
01:31:32 Swim suite
01:34:47 Wooltoong bultoong (울퉁불퉁)
01:37:55 Y-Shirt (와이셔츠)
01:40:30 baboya
01:43:35 Clean
01:47:03 Salang salang
01:49:55 Short Size
01:54:22 Sarasara
01:58:17 Paekpoke

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