Returning to World of Warcraft in 2020, is it worth it?!?

Premiered Feb 21, 2020
Returning to World of Warcraft in 2020, is it worth it?!?

So, Ladies & gentlemen! Literally, if it wasn't for me going onto and seeing the homie G Hansol streaming some World of Warcraft over there. I really do doubt I would of returned to WoW. Honestly, watching him playing made the game look semi-decent. A lot of you guys in the chat said that this xpac is terrible and pointless to return to but yolo. We're gonna see how this turns out! I'll probably play modern warfare and wow alongside eachother on this channel! Let's see how this goes! Esssketit! I love every single one of you!

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-----OUTRO MUSIC-------
The AMAZING outro music and intro music this time is provide by: Jeezy Hxndrxx- El Jeezo
Show him some support and sub to his channel! I decided to switch it up a notch this time instead of the same old stuff I use :D
Here's his soundcloud: returning | Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsc, Wörterbuch :: returning :: Englisch-Deutsch .., Returning - definition of returning by The Free , The Returning (1983) - IMD, Returning Synonyms, Returning Antonyms | , Programme - Returning from German, *Returning* ~Jennifer Berezan - YouTub, Informationsportal zu freiwilliger Rückkehr und Reintegratio, RETURNING INTO Clause - Oracl, RETURNING INTO Clause - Oracl,