Sad And Tragic Details About Deadliest Catch

Published on Feb 20, 2020
Sad And Tragic Details About Deadliest Catch

The Discovery Channel's look at the lives and losses of Bering Sea crabbers, Deadliest Catch, has been packing a punch since it debuted in 2005. Deadliest Catch distinguishes itself from other reality television in that creative editing is rarely necessary. Here are tragedies behind Deadliest Catch.

Jake Anderson, the captain of the fishing boat Saga, and a staple of Deadliest Catch since 2007, has suffered two devastating losses during his tenure on the show. In February 2009, his sister, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, died of pneumonia at age 37. A year later, his father, Dr. Keith Anderson, vanished.

A retired high school counselor, Dr. Anderson disappeared during a trip to Snohomish County, Washington. Authorities found his cell phone in the mud near the family home and his truck stuck on a logging road. Anderson's father was not found until two and a half years later, when a hiker spotted his bones just a mile from his truck.

Jake Anderson was distraught when his father disappeared, because of the approaching one-year anniversary of Chelsea's death. Earlier, he had expressed concern that his father might have been the victim of foul play - citing blood on Keith's car keys and his missing truck.

However, the family also admitted that Keith was addicted to oxycodone, which he often got from a friend he had planned to visit the day he vanished.

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Father and sister gone | 0:18
Mourning, melting down | 1:19
A maverick’s death | 2:13
A difficult loss | 2:55
Cocaine dealing and murder | 3:46
Dying in his sleep | 4:57
Arrested development | 6:00
Suing on the high seas | 7:06
When fireworks go wrong | 8:12
Environmental desolation | 8:56
Greater dangers | 9:48
A haunting loss | 10:35

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