Scumbag Hacker Exposed - Rainbow Six Siege

Published on Jun 21, 2016
Scumbag Hacker Exposed - Rainbow Six Siege

Level 35 player starts off the match by losing 2 rounds in a row with a 0-2 k/d. When he is the last player alive in the last round, he proceeds to ace the enemy team (my team) and win the match 3-2 with a final score of 7-3. In this clip, he snaps to me and shoots me through a wall when he didn't even see me enter the room. Later in the match, he proceeded to pre-aim and pre-fire with reckless abandon.

I reported him to Ubi, but I want to out him on here as well.

Someone else already made a video of him walling/aimbotting:

UPDATE 2019:

To everyone telling me to "get gud" and that he "heard me come in":

HolyMacintosh was banned by BattleEye under the alias 'Illenamorous'.

This happened about 6 months after I reported him. It took a long time, but Ubi eventually got him.