Singapore Pop Music School - Intune Music - 10th Anniversary Concert ‘Inspiration Lah’ Concert Video

Published on May 18, 2018
Intune Music School

Singapore Pop Music School - Intune Music - 10th Anniversary Concert ‘Inspiration Lah’ Concert Video

Singapore Pop Music School - Intune Music - 10th Anniversary Concert ‘Inspiration Lah 2018’ Full Concert Video

Intune Music, one of Singapore's established pop music schools, celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Dec 2017, with a concert extravaganza at Drama Centre, Bugis National Library!

NOTE: Scroll all the way down to select and view a specific segment of the full concert video.

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The Intune Music Story

In the year 2007, there were 2 Singaporean young men who shared a passion for music and singing. Initially, the only thought in their minds was to be able to do the music they wanted to do, and sing the songs that they desired to sing. They never thought that this tiny dream of theirs would grow to become the music school that is Intune Music today.

Chi Sheng and Aaron met while they were working in the music industry, and it was in those years of teaching and interacting with music students and professionals that they discovered that the local music scene was lacking in opportunities for budding musicians and performers. This was why they decided to start their very own music school, in order to provide a better platform for talented Singaporeans.

The school started off in a tiny classroom that was housed in the premises of a recording studio! This classroom was barely 300 square feet in floor area, but Chi Sheng and Aaron filled it with music, laughter, friendship and song, making sure that all their friends and students who walked through their doors were touched by their sincerity and honesty for good music and quality teaching.

Throughout these 10 years that Intune Music has grown, Chi Sheng and Aaron have weathered many storms, and have only become stronger with each challenge they overcame. The school has grown from just teaching keyboard and singing, to providing comprehensive instrument and vocal courses for the general public, corporate organisations, charity and government institutions, as well as MOE schools.

Our school motto - Where Interest Becomes Inspiration! - describes how we hope to be able to transform everyday interest into powerful inspiration. This motto was also our source of strength for overcoming all our challenges over the past 10 years. We hope that through this concert, we are able to inspire fellow budding music lovers and also make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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11:52 - [ A Piano Fantasy… ]

Performers: Ratchumari Suhith and Kwek Huan Cheng
- - - - - -

18:29 - [ English vs Chinese ]

Featured songs:
Uptown Girl by Westlife
牵手 by 张惠妹
Sha La La by Vengaboys
对你爱不完 by 郭富城
Tide is High by Atomic Kittens
失恋阵线联盟 by 草蜢

Boy Band - Benjamin Eio, Terry Tan, Aneirin Wee, Cheung See Chai, Jermayne Koh
Girl Group - Jiang Shan, Yang XinHui, Amanda Liu, Annabel Koh, Ivy Lui
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30:51 - [ Pioneer Generation PG ]
Featuring instructors Teo Zuo En, Pek Si Ming and Lin Si Tong, and also Snow Ng who came in all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to perform for our concert!

Featured Artistes and their songs:
1.張祚恩 Joanne T. Zuo En - 《什么样》

2. 白詩敏 Pek Si Ming - 《太小心》 (via Facebook)

3. 林思彤 Lin Si Tong - 《小小故事》

4. 黃雪婷 Snow Ng -《谢谢你, 我爱你》
- - - - - -

44:18 - [ The Young And The Brave ]

Featured songs:
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
One Call Away by Charlie Puth
Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Brave by Sara Bareilles
Count on me by Bruno Mars

Performers: Jermayne Koh, Annabel Koh, Natalie Chu, Nishita Manish Desai, Isabel Tay Yun Xi, Ratchumari Suhith, Ratchumari Srinivasa Suhritha, Lim Jia Jing Jaevan, Kwek Huan Cheng

- - - - - -

53:18 - [ A Singaporean Tribute ]

Featured songs:
Take Heart by Sam Willows
别找我麻烦 by Tanya Chua
追 by 張國榮 Leslie Cheung

Performers: Terry Tan, Cheung See Chai, Aneirin Wee, Jermayne Koh, Chua Wee Hoon Yvonne , Amanda Liu, Jiang Shan, Yang XinHui, Lim Xuanying Georgia, Sin Sek Jhia
- - - - - -

1:10:10 - [ Vocal Lesson Time! ]
Performers: Aaron Matthew Lim, Derrick Tham, Teo Zuo En, Terry Tan, Kwek Huan Cheng
- - - - - -

1:22:26 - [ Call 63360335 and I Will Deliver Your Song On A Scooter! ]

Featured songs:
第一次 by Derrick Tham
最近 by 李聖傑 Sam Lee

Performers: Derrick Tham, Aaron Matthew Lim
- - - - - -

1:38:44 - [ All About Aaron ]

Featured songs:
Rise up By Andra day
守护 (To Protect) by 林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim
调色盘 by 林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim
回心转意 by 林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim

Performers: Aaron Matthew Lim, Peng Chi Sheng
- - - - - -

1:50:40 - [ The Runaway Pianist ]

Featured songs:
That Boy's Balloon by Peng Chi Sheng
出发 - Tay Sia Yeun
We Left Our Last Footprints In Winter Uluru by Peng Chi Sheng

Performers: Peng Chi Sheng, Tay Sia Yeun
- - - - - -

2:15:00 - [ Into The Sky! ]
Original Melody by Aaron Matthew Lim, Lyrics by Ong Shu Wen

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