Soaking in the Light | Instrumental Music for Soaking Worship, Prayer, Meditation

Published on Aug 21, 2019
Fred McKinnon Music
Soaking in the Light | Instrumental Music for Soaking Worship, Prayer, Meditation

Recorded as Episode #176 of the Worship Interludes Podcast - an instrumental piano podcast created as a soundtrack providing music for prayer, meditation, soaking worship, intercession. It's also ideal for relaxation music, study music, and sleep music.

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About this piece:
Today’s interlude is an extended, thirteen minute interlude with a mixture of synth pads, effects, and piano. It’s called “Soaking in the Light”. It’s a slow, intentional piece in the key of G-minor. This improvisation is one of those pieces that lends itself to just laying back and closing your eyes. Listen. Pray. Meditate. Sense God’s Presence as you worship and reflect on Him.

Like most people, minor keys tend to make us think of sadness or grief. I’m learning that the minor key is beautiful and doesn’t have to paint a picture of sorrow at all. It’s also a key and progression that helps me slow down, breathe, and think more deeply. As a Christian, I often feel that the minor key pulls me into a deeper sense of intercession and prayer.

Whether you listen as a means to “soak” in worship and prayer or simply as a means to rest, relax, study, or sleep – my hope and prayer is that the music touches you; mind, spirit, body, soul – that it refreshes you and makes your day a better day.

I’m always eager to hear your feedback on these pieces that utilize additional sounds. This is a departure from the solo piano interludes. I still feel that the majority of improvisations for the Worship Interludes Podcast will be solo piano but I really enjoy layering some of the extra sounds from time to time for a different vibe.


Fred McKinnon is a Georgia-based pianist and composer. His music is ideal for devotional times of prayer, meditation, instrumental worship, soaking worship, studying music, sleeping music, and relaxation music. It includes both solo piano and orchestrated music that is perfect for personal listening, soundtracks, and film scoring.

His desire is that the music he creates would inspire others in their faith or personal times of contemplation. Some have characterized these piano instrumentals as "healing music", "background music", "prophetic music", "study music", "meditation music", "calming music", "soothing music", and "relaxing music".

In religious settings, Fred's music has been played as background music for soaking worship, altar calls, prelude music, and music for personal and corporate prayer and devotions.

Fred McKinnon's instrumental music is also frequently used in schools and classrooms because of the calming affect it has on children and is used to help people rest and sleep better, such as those with insomnia or sleep disorders.

Another frequent use of this music is in the world of fitness and physical care, such as yoga, massage therapy, and stretch or de-stress classes.

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