Songs for September- Indie/Folk /Fall Playlist ( 2018 Edition)

Published on Aug 23, 2018
Mr. Foxx Frequency

Songs for September- Indie/Folk /Fall Playlist ( 2018 Edition)

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**All song titles, times, and recording artist names listed in the description below. Just click on the "Show More" tab **

0:00- Trevor Ohlsen - “All Over again”
3:24- Anthony Lazaro - “Brothers Never Lie”
8:26- - The Careful Ones- “Paper Knees”
12:34- Dave Thomas Junior- “Double Down”
16:56- Tom Speight-”Medicine”
19:53- Archie Faulks - “London Heart”
24:40- Robert Shirley Kelly “What Forever Feels Like”
27:52- Aaron James-”Kauri Wood”
32:19- Ayla Nereo- “Whispers”
37:06- Adam Torres- “City Limits”
41:54- Matthew Barber- “Hold Me”
46:40- Erik Mutzke- “Friends Again”
49:44 -Jack Winters- “Now”
52:26-Logan Vath- “Luxury Plot”
56:29- Edgelarks - “Silbury Hill”
1:00:59- David Stone- “Alright”
1:05:14- Matt The Electrician- “The Bear”
1:09:54- Caleb Murray- “Portrait of You”
1:13:27- Joe Holtaway- “Let Yourself Be Seen” (Link Pending)
1:18:30- Micah McCaw -“Come Thou Fount”
1:21:10- Calming River-“The Actress pt.II”
1:25:52- Thad Kopec- “Owl Wakes Up”
1:31:07- Graham Colton- “Safe and Sound”
1:34:42- “Samuel Scott McCumber -”The Road Not Taken”
1:38:11- Taji- “Desert Sun”
1:43:46- Songs of Water- "Dorian Blue” -

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