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Published on Jun 28, 2017

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Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle - Funny Songs For Kids - HeyKids

The most beautiful animated songs for kids, with lyrics: "Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle" funny song to learn numbers and many more nursery rhymes!

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0:06 Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle
2:53 Bingo: http://goo.gl/juFt8R
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14:21 If You're Happy And You Know It: http://goo.gl/jCmnkh
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16:55 Incy Wincy Spider: http://goo.gl/QUyPFK
18:30 Chicks Song: http://goo.gl/hnUfA2
19:58 Rain Rain Go Away: http://goo.gl/u7fFvg
21:55 Itsy Bitsy Spider
23:30 Head Shoulders Knees And Toes
24:54 Are You Sleeping? Brother John: http://goo.gl/VixoLn
26:41 If You're Happy And You Know It
27:55 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: http://goo.gl/lVYXM0
30:25 Mother's Day Song: http://goo.gl/3044Nb

Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle lyrics

Well, I know a little lady
Who has bought herself a chicken
And it really is a funny looking biddy
Her two legs are like spaghetti
And her head is far too heavy
She lays an egg whenever she is ready

You will find her eggs all over
On the table on the sofa
But she never ever lays them in her nest
Spock-a-doodle, Chicken Noodle
You are crazy, but the best
Spock-a-doodle, Chicken Noodle
Can you tell us where to next?

Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle
Lay number one egg, number two and number three
Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle
Lay number four egg, number five and number six

Spock-a Doodle, Chicken Noodle
Lay number seven, number eight and number nine egg
Hey Spock-a-Doodle
Are you looking for the perfect place to lay it
There she goes, there’s number ten.

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