Step 53 | Steps to Knowledge

Published on Oct 12, 2019
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Step 53 | Steps to Knowledge

Steps to Knowledge is the Book of Inner Knowing. Its one-year study plan, which is divided into 365 “steps,” or lessons, is designed to enable students to learn to experience and to apply their Self-Knowledge, or Spiritual Power, in the world. Steps to Knowledge sets out to accomplish this task in a step-by-step manner as students are introduced to the essential ideas and practices which make such an undertaking possible. Practicing every day provides a solid foundation of experience and develops the thinking, perception and self-motivation necessary for both worldly success and spiritual advancement.

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Step 53
My gifts are for others.

YOUR GIFTS ARE MEANT TO BE GIVEN TO OTHERS, but first you must recognize your gifts and separate them from the ideas which restrain them, alter them or deny them. How can you understand yourself except in the context of contribution to others? Alone you can do nothing. Alone you have no meaning. This is because you are not alone. This will be viewed as a burden and as a threat until you realize the great meaning that it has and the gift that it really is. It is the salvation of your life. When life reclaims you, you reclaim life and receive all of its rewards, which far exceed anything that you could give yourself. The value of your life is consummated and fully demonstrated through your contribution to others because until contribution exists, you can only partially realize yourself—your value, your purpose, your meaning and your direction.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, feel your desire to contribute to others. You do not need now to determine what you wish to contribute. That is not as important as your desire to contribute, for the form of contribution will become evident to you in time and will evolve as well. It is your desire to contribute born of true motivation that will give you joy this day.

Practice 53: Two 30-minute practice periods.