Summertime fun at the sand dunes (Rexburg Motorsports)

Published on May 18, 2018
DroneWolf Media

Summertime fun at the sand dunes (Rexburg Motorsports)

Rexburg Motorsports, MCS Advertising & DroneWolf Media took to the St Anthony sand dunes last week. This natural attraction consists of 10,600 acres of white quartz sand which is blown into 400 ft high dunes, making it an off-roaders paradise!
With camping & fishing nearby, Moto-X & ATV riders come from all over the region to test their skills each summer.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dave & the crew from Rexburg Motorsports.
These guys were amazing & super talented. They had the latest and greatest dirtbikes & ATVs tearing up the dunes.
THANK YOU to Steve from MCS advertising for inviting me to join them. I had a blast using my P4P & Osmo. I can't wait to see the action shots he got with his camera gear.

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Music by Epidemic Sound
Juggernaught March - Formantix
NiJo - composer

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footage captured with my Phantom 4 Professional & DJI Osmo

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