Suulo vs. Curl - Tapana's Kitchen - [Deep House / ZEHN Records]

Published on Jan 14, 2019
House Music With Love (HMWL)

Suulo vs. Curl - Tapana's Kitchen - [Deep House / ZEHN Records]

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SUULO vs. Curl: Tapana´s kitchen [ZEHN records]

City of Belem EP
RELEASE DATE 2019-01-11

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Suulo Vs Curl present a lush trip into ethnic house vibes with their debut on ZEHN records. Despite their young age these two have developed a mature sound that resonates with crowds who tend to search for open spaces instead of crowded city centres. "Tapanas kitchen" catches the vibe of a desert oasis draped in a mirage and is the perfect sound of 2019.

Raised in Solingen, brothers Marius & Fabian found a mutual love for house and disco music from an early age. Through the realization that music connects them in a special way, they started putting on local parties and soon after delved into their own productions. The duo eventually received support from the Kittball Records family appearing on their Ibiza Global Radio show multiple times before signing to ZEHN Records. Their 'City of Belem' EP kick starts 2019 for the ZEHN Records imprint which is set to be yet another productive year for the label following releases from Modul Kollektiv, Los Cabra, Deniz Kabu & Wolfson and Daniel Rateuke.

The EP acts as a tribute to their South American trip a few years back and takes in an array of influences from that journey. Kicking off with 'City of Belem' which maintains typical ZEHN Records aesthetics of organic percussive offerings, journey filled atmospherics and alleviating melodies before delicate synth fluctuations, undulating low end and wonderful euphoric break downs take the focus in 'Tapana's Kitchen'

Raised in Solingen, Germany brothers Marius & Fabian got involved in disco and house music early on in their lifes. Realizing that music connects them in a special way they started out by organizing their own parties in local clubs, trying to spin some tunes. Soon after they began to create some tunes of their own, developing a more deep and melodic style. Promoted and supported by the Kittball records family they will release their first EP "City of Belem" on ZEHN Records in January of 2019.