The Best Movie Myths Ever Challenged On MythBusters

Published on Nov 25, 2019
The Best Movie Myths Ever Challenged On MythBusters

Some absurd movie tropes are so pervasive that you almost believe they could happen in real life. That's why Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and the rest of the Mythbusters crew have tested dozens of movie myths over the years. Here are some of their most memorable cinematic myth busts.

In the original Point Break, Keanu Reeves plummets to earth with a gang of surfing bank robbers as the score plays melodramatically in the background and everyone in the audience sighs in satisfied happiness. Skydiving is an activity that some people do every day for reasons that remain totally unclear to the rest of us who'd rather not fall out of a plane. In Point Break, the skydiving buddies join hands as the ground rapidly approaches. They then proceed to have a conversation about how awesome the experience is. They may be shouting, but we're led to believe that they can all clearly hear and understand each other, which seems a bit fishy.

The MythBusters thought so, too, and in one episode, they decided to test this scenario by making Grant jump out of a plane. While in freefall, he was approached by a skydiving instructor who was asked to shout a specific phrase several times, but Grant was unable to understand the words. That's because in freefall, the sound of rushing air drowns out the sound of a human voice. Thus, the myth was busted. Incidentally, it also takes around 31 seconds to fall 4,000 feet, whereas in the movie the freefall took three times that long, so that myth was busted as well.

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Point Break skydiving | 0:14
Titanic's floating board | 1:21
Deadly paint | 2:21
Dangling from a ledge | 3:16
Curved bullets | 4:06
Rowboat submarine | 5:00
A warm Tauntaun | 5:56
Indiana Jones' bullwhip | 7:19
Jaws' exploding scuba tank | 8:09
A punch from the grave | 9:01