The Mooseman - let's explore the three layers of the universe ✅

Published on Oct 12, 2019
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The Mooseman - let's explore the three layers of the universe ✅

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You are the Mooseman and you can see everything that is hidden from mortal eyes. You will visit three layers of this universe, the underworld first, where the spirits of the dead reside. Welcome to the mysterious world of ancient myths based on Finnish-Ugrian culture from bygone pagan times.

A long time ago a god named Ven created the world from an eggshell. The underworld was born in the dark depths of the endless ocean. The middle world was created for man and the ancient gods would reside in the upper world. A great multitude of spirits reside in the layers of creation and guard their secrets in the dark. Travel through all the worlds of ancient myths, find artifacts from Chud tribes and solve all mysteries from the Finnish-Ugrian stories.

• Explore the worlds inspired by the Permian animal style
• Dive into the deep atmosphere of Komi folk music
• Meet long forgotten gods and spirits
• Discover the ancient myths of Finnish-Ugrian people
• Don't expect a simple journey: there are riddles in the dark
• Unlock new skills and use them to get to the upper world
• Find all artifacts that are hidden from mortal eyes

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H170 pro gaming mobo
Intel i7-6700 cpu
Kingston ddr4 fury 2400ghz 16 gb ram
Msi RTX 2080TI
Seidon watercooling cpu
C: 237GB
E: 2TB
F: 8TB
G: 2TB
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