Published on May 17, 2018
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Meet the top 10 most powerful Pokémon that exist. If you follow the Pokémon series and collect its creatures in Pokémon Go, then this video will delight you.

It is said that this is a kind of Pokémon god, the first and creator of all the rest, its origin is unknown

It is considered the rarest Pokémon and one of the most powerful, it is believed that it is the ancestor of all Pokémon since it possesses the genetic map of all of them.

Created by Arceus, this legendary and artificial Pokémon that was created based on genetic manipulation by Dr. Fuji using Mew DNA, in order to create the most powerful being in the world.

It is a legendary steel/dragon type Pokémon. It was created by Arceus and is said to be the creator of time.

It is the eternal rival of Dialga, a legendary water/dragon type Pokémon that controls, protects and maintains the balance of space.

It is a legendary phantom / dragon type Pokemon, is part of the dragon trio and is in charge of protecting the Distortion World.

This powerful legendary Pokémon of the psychic / flying type is known as The Guardian of the Seas.

It is a legendary dragon/ice type Pokémon also known as "The monster". It is said that it was born from a meteorite.

This is a psychic/fairy Pokémon, possibly one of Kirlia's evolutions that can mega evolve into Mega-Gardevoir.

This unique psychic/plant type Pokémon made an appearance after traveling through time and lives in the woods and holm oaks.

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