The Stream where I hit 7k MMR - Part 2

Streamed live on Sep 12, 2019
rawdota - Henry
The Stream where I hit 7k MMR - Part 2

The Stream where I hit 7k MMR - Part 2


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Q: Why are you not streaming on twitch? Why were you banned?
A: Indefinite ban for a bad joke they interpreted as violent. Waiting for my appeal.

Q: Why the new account?
A: Watch the 'fresh start' video. My main acc was banned cause I shared it and a smurf had someone play turbos.

Q: Can you play x hero?
A: I normally don't take requests.

Q: What's your highest / old main MMR?
A: 6700

Q: Can I add you?
A: Probably no

Q: Fav pro player?
A: Don't rly have one. used to be kyle or bsj. i like watching the best pro pos4/offlane players cause i learn the most from them.

Q: Where are you from?
A: USA, Maryland

Q: Play SEA server
A: I can't, 300 ping

A: AMD Ryzen 3800x, AMD radeon 5700 XT

Q: Dotabuff


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