The Wildest 24 Hours in the History of Destiny - Destiny 2

Published on Dec 2, 2019
The Wildest 24 Hours in the History of Destiny - Destiny 2

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This video highlights the wildest 24 hours in Destiny history, Last Wish Raid Race! The players that you will see include: Datto, Gigz, Gladd, Sweatcicle, ProfessorBroman, Teawrex, and Tfue ?? This raid was released September 14th, 10 days after the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken on September 4th. The stakes were incredibly high here with the 1000 voices, the special 24 hour raid emblem, and a brand new title belt on the line! This video recaps the events in as best detail as possible with many funny and serious/ great moments! This video also explains raid encounters and the way they were supposed to be done at the time including: Kali the Corrupted, Shuro Chi the Corrupted, Morgeth the Spirekeeper, Vault, Riven of 1000 voices, and Queenswalk! This video also recaps the impact of this raid and what it did for the rest of the year of Forsaken and even now; that includes: The Corrupted Strike, The Citadel Crucible Map, The Dreaming City Gambit Map, the 15 wishes of the dreaming city (15th one still to be discovered), and finally THE SHATTERED THRONE! I hope you enjoy this one as it's my most ambitious video yet.

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Time Stamps of Each Part:
Start: 00:00
Context: 00:23
The Beginning of the race: 03:14
Shuro Chi: 05:41
Morgeth: 08:09
Vault: 10:17
Riven: 16:46
Queenswalk: 24:31
Epilogue: 28:36
End Bloopers and final words: 33:45

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Kali the Corrupted:

Shuro Chi the Corrupted:

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Vault 3rd round theme:

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