TL vs. TSM - Week 1 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. TSM (2018)

Published on Jan 20, 2018
LoL Esports

TL vs. TSM - Week 1 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. TSM (2018)

VOD of Team Liquid vs. TSM
NA LCS Spring Split Week 1 2018 #NALCS

Team Liquid Lineup:
Impact - Top Gangplank
Xmithie - Jungle Gragas
Pobelter - Mid Malzahar
Doublelift - ADC Tristana
Olleh - Support Taric

TSM Lineup:
Hauntzer - Top Gnar
MikeYeung - Jungle Shyvana
Bjergsen - Mid Ryze
Zven - ADC Kalista
Mithy - Support Alistar

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