TORMENT (2015) - A Short Horror Film

Published on Dec 6, 2017
Nicholas Zakrajcek Films
TORMENT (2015) - A Short Horror Film

TORMENT is one of our earlier short films made for a school assignment.
It has made it into several festivals and went global when it was sent to Singapore by a film competition.

In The 16th Century, three witches used to collect dead body parts of humans and animals and stitch them together and, using black magic, resurrect them. One of the witches was killed so the two others used their magic to resurrect her, calling her The Beast. They were also killed but not before they cast a spell upon the Beast one saying "The crow will wake those who died in vain and seek revenge". The Beast was laid to rest in a makeshift tomb, in eternal torment...
Modern day, a young boy is kicking a ball around his backyard. He is confident and decides to try and kick the ball into the basketball hoop. He kicks it before a crow caws, the ball quickly darts left and gets stuck on the roof. This crow is not normal but is cursed, "the crow will wake those who have died in vain and seek revenge". It does this so that the boy will have to climb up too the roof which he falls off, landing in the tomb of the Beast, unleashing or 'awaking' it. As the boy wanders around the tomb. He is looking at some of the artefacts before he hears a sound. He looks over to see that the coffin was open. Suddenly, the Beast is standing behind him and it blows out his lighter. The screams of the boy are heard in the pitch black darkness...
A TV Reporter talks about how the boy was found in the tomb, unharmed and alone, but wasn't able to remember anything.
3 days later, the boy is watching tv when he sees the shadow of someone walking rapidly behind him. He tells them off but it happens again. He is scared. The shadow disappears so he looks behind him. The Beast pops up closer than expected and the Boy falls over. He runs to his brothers room, who tell him off and foolishly walks back into the hallway. He hears noises are also becomes scared. The Beast steps out at the end of the hallway, the brother darts to the left but is only greeted by the Beast who is face to face with him. He runs back to the room and tells the Boy to hide. The brother goes to the cupboard and the Boy goes under the bed. However, the brother decides to make a brake for it and tries to get the fly screen off of the window. The Beast is standing at the door. He opens the window and almost climbs out before he is pulled back in by the Beast. The Boy witnesses his brother being killed. The Beast then walks around the room before turning of the lights and hopping onto the bed. The Boy remains silent. He waits. A bright supernatural light reveals the Beast to be lying right next to the Boy under the Bed. The Boy Screams.