War thunder Short Film - Gloster Javelin

Published on Jul 7, 2019
Yimie Yu
War thunder Short Film - Gloster Javelin

We all know since Javelin been added at update 1.87 it becoming everyone's laughing stock, wrong flight model, wrong horizontal rudder(it should be an all-flying tail), incorrect Disintegration speed limit, wrong energy maintenance .etc
but what I'm trying to say is, Javelin isn't as bad as most people thought

yes! it's very hard to get an upper hand in any kind of engagement, that causes many players take it lightly when taking on the Javelin, makes javelin have a chance to strike back.
especially Javelin's mid to low-speed maneuverability, often times it will have a chance to bite bogie's tail

and at 9.0 battle most of the time aircraft will fly at high speed, most 9.0 aircraft can't reach Javelin, it's possible to use this advantage to against other 9.0 aircraft.
(of course, all aircraft modification is required to accomplish this)

I think everyone should try to fly javelin if you have a chance

*engaging footages in the video are all recorded footages from random AIR RB
我們都知道Javelin 從1.87加入後一直成為大家的笑話,錯誤的飛行模組、錯誤的水平尾舵(他應該是全可動尾舵)、 錯誤的解體速限、錯誤的能量維持等等.....

對! 他確實在任何戰鬥中都難以佔到優勢,但也因為這樣很多玩家在對付Javelin時會掉以輕心,反而讓Javelin有反咬一口的時候。



*影片中javelin交戰畫面都是 隨機空戰歷史模式 的畫面
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