Wyvern | 2008 Action Horror

Premiered Feb 20, 2020
The Horror Channel
Wyvern | 2008 Action Horror

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A massive chunk of glacier slides into the ocean, tumbling with the waves. As the ice moves further south it melts, revealing more of what is buried within—something with a heart still beating, something floating toward its destination.

Welcome to Beaver Mills, a small, isolated Alaskan town, inhabited by an eclectic group of residents: a doctor from NY, a hippie radio deejay, a retired astronaut, a beautiful café owner, and tough ice-road trucker, Jake Suttner (Nick Chinlund, 24). Here in Beaver Mills, it’s midsummer. In this special season with no night, a festival is being celebrated. But the fun is dampened as several locals go missing and human remains are found. The evidence points to a grizzly on the loose. The truth is far more terrifying. The Wyvern has begun its hunt for human flesh.

A prehistoric nightmare has reached civilization—a giant winged reptile released from its icy tomb, sending the residents into a fight for their lives. As Beaver Mills becomes a feeding ground for the Wyvern, a group of locals hole up at the café. But their time is running out. Led by Jake the survivors take a daring offensive. Tracking the Wyvern to its nest, they have one option: grab the Wyvern’s egg as bait. Strapping it to his big rig, Jake takes off in pursuit is the prehistoric predator—one angry mother who’s grown very protective, very angry, and in need of even more food for her soon-to-be-born little beast.

Watch the skies. Then run. Wyvern comes tearing, feeding, and clawing its way into your town for the scream of a lifetime.

Year: 2008
Cast: Nick Chinlund, Erin Karpluk, Don S. Davis, Tinsel Korey, David Lewis, Barry Corbin, John Shaw
Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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